We are in start-up mode and need funding and/or donations. They are tax-deductible.  It costs us approximately $25 to produce one BEGINNER’s kit.
We will accept new or unused BEGINNER level art instruction books to include in our art kits. Imagine the kit recipients have not drawn before and that we don’t want them to get frustrated with books they can’t follow or really learn something from. We are looking for Lee Ames “Draw 50″ books in particular.

Do you have “Jeans Day” for charity at work?

Contact me for a Word doc to use, change the dates and post at work. I just got a totally unexpected donation from a group of employees at the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency for $467!

Thanks and best regards, we hope to hear from you,


Ray Bakerjian
Executive Director
The Wounded Artist Project
28384 Greenmeadow
Farmington Hills, MI 48334