Hologram viewer for iPhone

a Powerpoint file for creating a hologram viewer for your iPhone or other device.

You have probably seen the videos for creating a pyramid-shaped viewer so you can watch holographic movies on your smartphone (like Kiste’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y60mfBvXCj8).

This file will show you how to make a much better template to work with and I recommend that you use thin plastic film like that from a report cover for a school paper. The file is at:


Most of the other videos suggest using an old CD case but you have a much better chance of cutting yourself, smudging the panes if you try to glue them together, or fracturing the panes into pieces as you try and break them away from the rest of the CD case.

Our template has all of the sides connected so you only have to tape two edges together, not all four separate pieces together.

We also show you how to upscale your template to fit larger smart devices.

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