Welcome to the Apps page.

Why are we building apps and e-books? Because we are expanding our mission to send arts and crafts supplies to the on-site, inpatient vets recovering in 150 VA medical centers (VAMCs, their hospitals), vets visiting 40+ PTSD clinics, and military families staying at Fisher Houses and we feel that this is a great way to get you engaged with us by giving you something for your donation. We made a conscious effort to simply offer our first app “In Contact!” for free and not to sell it on the Apple or Android stores or even post them there with pop-up advertising.

We found out that the vets in the VAMCs had not been getting art supplies, leather kits, model cars and airplanes, etc., for about two years (as of July 2014. The previous supplier, Help Hospitalized Veterans, was let go by the VA.). Many times, a VA doctor will actually prescribe a particular craft activity as part of a vet’s recovery. With all of this in mind, we raised our hands and said we would llike to give it a try.

We asked the VA Voluntary Services office in Washington, DC, if they would send a survey to the 150 VAMCs to get an idea of what we would need to send. Our list included about two dozen items. We found out that 95 of the 150 hospitals responded and they were keen to see us get started.

We want to secure a facility as part of our shipping operations. We hope that unemployed, combat-wounded veterans will apply for the jobs there. If they have had some minor problem with the law, we can talk about that too. (We were pleasantly surprised that the Michigan chapter of the Disabled American Vets, an unemployment office in the southeast Michigan area, and even a Judge and a Friend of the Redford, Mich., veterans court said they could help us find someone that fits that profile.)

Below is the cover page for “In Contact!.” It will show you how to draw US troops returning fire. Click on the pic to get to it…